Discount AAA Replica Balenciaga Motorcycle City Bag wholesale bags

Replica Balenciaga motorcycle bag leather fashion circles welcomed by deliberately for the old scratch, wear leather, happened to catch this retro style, is the primary cause. Leather tassels are characteristic signs of Replica Balenciaga motorcycle bag, a zipper places have to the size of the bag, it had eight tassels, long tassel 40 cm long. Calfskin leather processing through a layer of lacquer, soft touch to be used “terrifying” to describe, hold things, is simply spread into one yet. Put on the rope wrapped around, and the extra layer of leather straps, not only showcase the fine craftsmanship, but also easy to put back or practical function. Dyeing is also a must. Gray, purple and dark green, earth brown most seasonal, and light blue, there are four of five different shades of blue, last Christmas. Is a leather tie in the mirror at one end, is the AAA Balenciaga motorcycle bag special bonus of “standard equipment.” Both sides of the metal rivets and zippers everywhere, lift the street decadent style index locomotive package.

But who bags the biggest taboo is to use the cortex following:
1, do not touch the water, followed by the factory when these bags are made external processing, it is not Dayou’s.
2 Do not put heavy things into the bag, in that case, there are several lower part of the bag will be deformed.
3, do not let the bag with hot things together, but also will be deformed.
4, restoring shape: It is important, when you do not have the time, please fill out the bag filler placement, but the best place seven filler into slow, too full will be deformed, leaving room for expansion leather bags .
5, do not use one at a motorcycle bag many days does not change, although called motorcycle bag, but only on a motorcycle bag concept, not the kind of very wearable package.

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